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You may have a great database… but you haven’t got the power of Vetfile – the most trusted and updated database in the profession today.

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Whatever your needs, we can help you deliver your message to the people who matter…

The Vetfile database is the “secret weapon” behind many of the world’s most famous veterinary brands…

How exactly can we help you?

Using our data, we can segment and target specific characteristics you want to reach with your message – whether it be job type, species, years qualified or the type of premise worked in.

Put simply, no matter what the aim of your marketing campaign is, it’s only ever going to be truly effective if the right people are seeing it.

You could use Vetfile Drive to reach delegates within a certain commutable distance from your event location

We have a number of ways to help you market your product or service. For example, say you have an upcoming CPD event and want to spread the word about a great day of learning you can offer using Vetfile Drive, you can reach delegates within a certain commutable distance from your event location, or use a radius search and market to everyone within that radius. Vetfile Drive allows you to focus on those who can get to that destination.

We deliver to everyone’s doorstep – no exceptions…

Our data can be used in so many ways. Vetfile direct mail is the original and key way to get your message landing on the right doorsteps – whether to a practice or home address. We send out more than one million copies of our publications every year to more than 10,000 residential premises, as well as to more than 5,500 practices, associations, colleges and universities.

We also create custom lists of our database for social media campaigns – a common practice for our own social media marketing efforts. Using Vetfile, we match a customer’s data to that customer’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, ensuring the message is being delivered in a way that achieves maximum exposure and engagement.


Here are some of the questions we get asked daily by customers...

Do you have a focus group or internal market research that you would like to promote to a highly specific audience?

There’s even the possibility for internal market research and focus group building on behalf of our clients. We’re able to get really granular and find the right demographic for that type of species, content or course. This applies to our publications, too. At our client’s request, our data can be manipulated in such a way that allows us to publish different print runs for different sectors. We can offer mini market research to your chosen audience, so if you have a burning question that needs answering, get in touch today.

There really is no impossible with Vetfile

A client could say "I want to target vet surgeons in Cornwall who see small animal species within a five-mile commutable distance of this practice", and we’re able to find and deliver those vets, nurses or premises within that distance.

Vetfile is at the very centre of our business. It powers everything we do and many of the decisions we make, and we aim to share the immense reach of it with the veterinary industry. For all these possibilities and a lot more, please get in touch with us by telephone.

Unleash the power of Vetfile on your campaign today

Whatever your needs, we can help you deliver your message to the people who matter...