Rebranding – Royal Canin

Rebrand – a restructure of Royal Canin’s diets, meaning new packaging was required, as well as new branding. This meant all advertising needed to be heavily promoted to reflect the new brand, to ensure customers a smooth transition from the old product packaging to the new.


Royal Canin had a huge range of diets, which needed restructuring to make the customer experience easier. Therefore they reduced the number of overall diets and created diet ranges. These diets all received new packaging and branding, and needed to be promoted to the consumer, to drive awareness of the change, but to also let them realise they were still by the same great diets they’d always been buying.


We suggested a multichannel advertising campaign that covered print advertising through both brand awareness and education of the new ranges, along with a whole host of digital assets. These ranged from bespoke emails, banner advertising and native advertising to video content, social media and gamification. While a serious message, we wanted to encourage the reader to have some fun while learning about the new branding.


The client was very happy with the rebrand, and planned a second year of promotion off the back of the work that had been done in year one! This saw more native and video content than ever before from this client.

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