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Podcasts are the hottest growth area in broadcasting, with an estimated global audience in the millions and an annual increase in listeners that is outpacing any other medium. Listeners to podcasts tend to be younger, well-educated and affluent. They are particularly likely to influence buyer intent, with a surge in this of 15% for listeners to business podcast shows.

It’s easy to see why they are so good at reaching younger audiences and impacting behaviour, since most podcast listeners are highly engaged and are actually “creating time” by listening in when commuting, doing the housework or working up a sweat at the gym. Time that might otherwise be considered “down time” can easily be put to good use.

We publish three podcast shows, all associated with our print titles. The topical and clinically focused Vet Times Podcast airs weeklywhile the VN Times Podcast and VBJ First Opinions both feature monthly interviews with prominent thought leaders in the veterinary nursing and business communities. Freely available across all podcast outlets, these podcasts are growing rapidly and offer an additional way to reach your target audience.

Opportunities are available to sponsor our podcasts. You’ll get a pre-roll message at the beginning of the podcast, as well as on-page advertising on the episode page on vettimes.co.uk, plus social media shout-outs in the promotional posts we create to drive traffic to the shows.  

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