High impact – MSD Bravecto

A wide-reaching campaign aimed at promoting brand awareness and increasing understanding of USPs through a multiplatform campaign in an extremely competitive field.


Use a mix of high-impact print positions and digital options, taking advantage of different platforms to reach as wide an audience of vets and nurses as possible, increase brand awareness, deliver research results and share clinical information. Start a conversation between scientists, vets and pet owners on the subject of parasitology, and encourage engagement in a year where face-to-face contact was limited.


Running over a six-month period, the campaign featured print specials of spread markers opening to a double page centre spread, a false front cover, whole page ads within relevant feature articles and a bespoke front page ad.

Online, blanket sponsorship of daily and weekly newsletters, banner advertising and “roadblocks” on the website gave wall-to-wall brand coverage, and a bespoke podcast featuring interviews with KOLs and supported by a competition provided alternative vehicles for delivering information and engagement.

The mix was further broadened to reach practice owners by sponsorship of the Practice Champions feature in VBJ, and for vet nurses with sponsorship of a live VN Happy Hour online event, featuring a live poll on nursing clinics.

Social media campaigns included a seven-day social campaign promoting a competition and hyper-targeted to qualified veterinary surgeons, and it was also used to drive traffic to the podcast.


The print campaign reached the widest possible UK vet audience, having been sent to more than 30,000 UK vet professionals. Social media was hyper-targeted, but still achieved a combined reach of more than 4,000 vets. The podcast is performing well, with more than 440 listens so far, and the newsletters had an average 32% open rate and 3.5% CTR. The VN Happy Hour event was considered “very good, really engaging”.

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