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What is Perspectives?

Perspectives is a new series of cross-platform, high-quality, in-depth and paid-for articles aiming to interest and engage the veterinary profession. Supplied by advertisers and ideally authored by veterinary sector specialists, experts or key opinion leaders, whether independent or commercial, Perspectives covers clinical, topical, business, industry, commercial or opinion-based subjects and is published in either Veterinary Times, VN Times or VBJ, with expanded web content on and cross-promoted between platforms to maximise exposure.

How does it work?

You submit your article and supporting graphic or audiovisual material, we lay it out in our Perspectives style to create a 1,000-word article for print and an expanded web version of up to 2,500 words, which may contain audiovisual, infographic or linked content and offers potential for data capture. Online articles are tagged to the home page for one month and remain within your content hub indefinitely. Availability is limited to maintain impact.

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