The largest and most accurate veterinary database in the direct marketing industry

With more than 24,000 veterinary professionals on the vetfile database, we guarantee your communication is delivered, by name, direct to individuals within your selected target audience.

We regularly contact all UK veterinary practices in a continuous process to make sure we have the very latest information to target the correct people first time.

So, when you need to send out information, you can ensure your announcements go only to those individuals with a real interest in what you have to say.

We guarantee this as the circulation of Veterinary Times and VN Times are both ABC audited, meaning the mailing information generated by the vetfile database has been individually validated by the recipients.

By having access to more data, you are able to target who you want and where you want. In turn, this allows us to tailor mailing packages to suit your needs.

So, rather than blanket mailing 24,000 veterinary professionals, we are able to segment the database by:

Job type

  • Partners 3,061
  • Veterinary Surgeons 11,578
  • Buyers 2,120
  • Practice managers 1,323
  • Registered veterinary nurses 9,811
  • Head nurses 1,477
  • Trainee veterinary nurses 1,803
  • VNAs 1,263


  • Small animal  10,277
  • Equine 2,683
  • Beef 2,262
  • Dairy 2,218
  • Sheep 2,050
  • Pig 1,484
  • Rabbits 5,133
  • Exotic 2,687
  • Avian 2,903
  • Poultry 833

Figures correct as at February 2018

Vetfile is also able to target specific subsets within the sector, including:

  • Final year students
  • Certificate and diploma holders
  • Geographic location (including counties and postcode radius searches)
  • Year of qualification
  • Practice type
  • Practice size

Mailing services

Vetfile can help your direct marketing campaign through:

  • Response handling and order fulfilment
  • Market segmentation and target selection
  • Database management
  • Laser personalising
  • Mailings in accordance with sales territories
  • A full in-house creative design service

We can also maximise the effectiveness of your direct marketing, while making the most of your budget as vetfile incorporates the following features and benefits:

  • Smaller target mailings = cost reduction
  • Precisely targeted mailings = higher response rates
  • Relevant marketing = a focused message aligned to the recipient’s needs
  • Support for sales forces = raised awareness, particularly when or where a rep cannot visit

Furthermore, vetfile aims to provide a quote within two hours of receipt and often fulfils mailings just 24 to 48 hours later (subject to copy and item specifics).

  • More than 30 years’ experience
  • We will work with you to achieve your objective
  • Full printing/fulfilment services available
  • No job too small
  • Proactively updated database of more than 24,000 veterinary professionals
  • Client focused account management every step of the way

Contact us

For a no obligation bespoke quote tailored to your specific requirements, or for a chat to discuss the endless opportunities how vetfile can help your business contact Sophie on 01733 383537 or email: