Print marketing is still alive and kicking

With technical innovations introducing new means of communication all the time, it would be easy to assume print no longer had a place. But that would be a mistake.

Circulations of national newspapers have been declining, but they’re still selling in their millions every day. Some existing titles, such as the London Evening Standard, have adapted their business models by scrapping the cover price, doubling their circulation and putting their content – and advertising – in front of many more consumers.

Others, such as the Metro, have built their business on a free subscription model, while the Independent has succeeded in repackaging its quality content for time-precious commuters in the form of a new newspaper, the i.

Among the business-to-business (B2B) journal sector, innovations in the printing process have meant Veterinary Times and its sister publications are able to offer an increasing range of innovative advertising options. Research we’ve carried out shows readers still want to receive their print copy, and for this to be supplemented online.

Direct mail marketing is another area that should form part of an integrated advertising campaign, as many consumers still trust print marketing more than any other.

We’ve found an article and video at the website All Business Experts featuring interesting statistics about print marketing, and advice about why you should still consider it a key part of any integrated marketing campaign.