Let’s Engage 2018

For 2018, VBD has a plethora of exciting digital options to help our clients gain brand exposure and increase their ROI. This is done through a selection of new tools we have carefully tested and tweaked to ensure they provide our clients’ content with quality exposure.

Whilst billboards and banners are still available, in 2018 we’d like to champion true engagement- the type that makes your brand memorable in the minds of busy consumers or businesses.


Our new options are listed below:




Our PulseCheck service is set to take our online advertising to a whole new level. It uses a pre-existing platform which we use in tandem with our traffic-heavy website and hyper-engaged social media audience to garner insightful results within days. This allows us to make visually immersive polls and quizzes, which can click through to your chosen website.

These have the benefit of:

  • Increasing time on your articles/stories
  • Sending you quality traffic– you can ensure all users who click through to your website share certain attributes.
  • Helping you gauge emotional sentiment on your brand offering.
  • Being evergreen- a PulseCheck can stay on a page indefinitely.

Here are a few examples:


A quiz is a good way to interact with your audience and also gauge how much they know about your product or service.

http://www.nba.com/bulls/quizzes/how-well-do-you-know-your-usa-basketball-olympics-history (also a great way to collect email leads and gauge sentiment at the same time. People respond better to things that challenge them rather than cold opt-ins.)

PulseCheck Video Quiz:

A real time video quiz is great to test your users engagement and interact with them in an unexpected and immersive way. These can be placed anywhere in the video.

PulseCheck Video Polls:

We also have the option to conduct a poll during a video- this is less interactive than a video quiz, but it helps capture sentiment at a specific time, meaning you can strip out the need for contextually reliant questions and just ask your question at the opportune moment:



PulseCheck Poll:

Here’s a popular one we did on microchipping, which got more than 400 interactions.


Here’s another one, to give an example of how you can use polls- something like this can sit on our homepage for 1 month, gaining exposure to thousands of people per day.


Video opt ins

This is similar to a video quiz, but encourages viewers to share their email addresses:




QuickForm Lead generation

Another great way to collect market research and generate leads is using our new service called Quickform, which uses a pre-existing platform but plugs it into our website and social media profiles.

This is essentially a survey we can tailor to your needs. It works perfectly on mobile devices, which is how most people visit surveys. The great thing about Quickform is that its user interface is considerably better than traditional surveys with tiny radio buttons. We have the ability to funnel an incredible amount of traffic to your Quickform from our website and social media owned properties.

Here’s an example of a Quickform we did for Pedigree. It had over 3,000 entries with a perfect 100% completion rate, meaning not one person dropped off. The data collected was extensive and very useful to Pedigree.




Here’s what a Quickform looks like. Notice that it will call you by name, and scroll seamlessly, with features like a % complete bar designed to retain users.

Social media boosts

We own the biggest veterinary news page in the UK, meaning our users are engaged, our content reaches thousands on a daily basis, giving quality exposure. Here’s a snapshot of how we stack up against other pages (valid 6th February 2017). This data is from facebook’s insight tools. The benefit of this is any articles, surveys, messages, or competitions we post get mass engagement from a highly concentrated community of UK veterinary professionals.




Playbuzz is a service where clients can make interactive quizzes and games. It’s similar to PulseCheck, but offers more formats of games to increase engagement.


Swipe cards

These are great to increase dwell time on pages and boost interaction. They’re easy to make and load quickly.



Spot the Difference

Again, these are designed to increase dwell time and offer something fun to break up more content heavy articles:




We also have the capabilities to develop totally bespoke HTML5 games for both mobile and desktop platforms. Here’s a link to an infinite runner game called ‘Bailey’s Run’ we made in 2016, complete with leaderboard and sharing options. All our games can be branded to your company or product offering: https://www.vettimes.co.uk/game-on-battle-to-be-top-dog-in-baileys-run





These are amazing for increasing engagement and generating high quality leads. The most shared things on Buzzfeed in 2016 were calculators, showing people are happy to give their email address to get genuine help or find something out in a fun and interactive way. These calculators can range from ‘find out how much we can save you on insurance’ to ‘how much will your pet cost you over your lifetime?’