CPD for the veterinary profession

Introducing vet times CPD

Whether your CPD courses are targeted at surgeons, nurses, practice manager or receptionists, you can be sure that, with vet times CPD, your course will be seen by the whole veterinary profession.

By combining the power of print and online, you can guarantee that YOUR course will be seen by the people who matter.


From the publishers of Veterinary Times, with a controlled ABC circulation (19,130 Jan-Dec 2018 average per issue), vet times CPD offers an unparalleled audience, but not only that, your CPD course can be placed on vettimes.co.uk for FREE for even greater exposure.


Not only does vet times CPD have the greatest reach of veterinary professionals, users on vettimes.co.uk can set up email alerts based on specific criteria, for example, a ‘VN’ could be interested in an ‘introduction’ course in ‘cardiology’ that is ‘attendance-based’ that is held in ‘London’, if YOUR course is just that, it will go directly to the users inbox, ensuring that your course is not missed amongst the others encouraging a faster response rate.

How to Upload your course?

To become an approved CPD provider on vettimes.co.uk, either visit the site or contact Sales on 01733 383534 or [email protected]

P.S We only allow approved users to post CPD courses on the site, ensuring that our audience has the best quality CPD courses.